The bright night

A volte mi sento attratta Dall’oscurita’, Non solo quella che c’e’ dentro di me Ma quella che c’e’ in alcune persone, quelle che avrebbero tanto da raccontare dentro Ma forse non a tutti. Perche’ da quel buio C’e’ sempre il bello, Il fragile, La forza, La loro verita’.     Sometimes I feel attracted To…


Ci eravamo quasi. Siamo lontani, a volte. Ma forse e’ solo quando accade un momento… forse e’ solo quando ci sono momenti, veri, reali, che fermano il tempo, che ci sentiamo vivi. Prendi il tuo tempo, vai piano ma vivilo, cosi’ qualcosa di puro durera’.       We were almost there. We are apart,…

Water and silence

Emptiness, feelings, silence.   You try to listen to it, to tell you something new, something good, how to live your day well And feel well.   You have never stopped believing it, to that fire, but maybe he never really cared, they never believed to it.   You know now that the strenght, that…

Una piccola stella colorata

E cosi’ hanno detto che stanno bene, ora; che tutto procede e che presto ritorneranno a viaggiare. Sara’ vero? o sara’ un’altra delle loro bugie colorate e ambigue per farmi stare tranquilla?   Comunque da un lato e’ stato bello saperlo, sapere che anche se forse ognuno di noi rimarra’ nel proprio mondo, un sottile…

Mine vaganti

Maybe I was just a moment, for you, A bridge in suspension to forget about something, about Someone…   Was it just illusion or did we believe a little? Did we want to know each others, for real?   A fire A flying spark That maybe will never burn out; that time we wanted the…

The colourful light

The window, A spot, the same vision But a different light to see the world.   Yesterday, today, tomorrow.       La finestra, Uno scorcio, la stessa visione Ma una luce diversa per vedere il mondo.   Ieri, oggi, domani.


A broken love, like a frozen leaf.      

Discover yourself

Discover Explore Experiment Because every day you could find a new side of yourself. Or just a new story to tell.

Creativity vs Fear

”Dreams and desires reveal the natural talents of each of us. Repressing them, in favour of a life of conformism and approved, it is a violence that kills our personal expressiveness and makes us sick of fear. Creativity is an economic and natural medicine. We need it to live. When we eliminate it from the…

Radici nel cielo

Sometimes, it is hard to accept that things have changed somehow; the path you started on your own is now turned into a new road, maybe unexpected, maybe forced.   We cannot predict what happens to us in life, but we can still choose. That time your mind told you one thing and your heart…


Find The beauty In everything you see.    

That dragon sky

The storm, The fresh air just passed, with its peaceful noise To make the city silent, To make you listen.   You watch up there And a big cloud is moving away, still dark, still heavy. But you know that a new day just began, A fresh start Another story to depart.