Climate change…what is it exactly? Too many professionals, scientists and organisations keep talking about it but it looks like governments and politician still do not believe in this concept. Then we see disasters and emergencies like the big fire happened recently in Portugal and maybe there are still those who do not want to hear it….

A fresh bright morning

Fresh smell of rain Clouds that move away, The sun is passing through the window As that bright thought from under my pillow.  

Between wine, sound and nature

Yesterday was such a good day.   Finally I got invited to a gig of Sofar Sounds in Verona. For who never heard of it, it is an artist network that aims to bring back the real value of music, for artist to be heard and for music lovers to get a real music experience….

The beauty and the time

  You are in the garden, between a colourful lavender and the corner of a small allotment. Time stops and you think. How can beauty stop the time? here and now like there and before.    

The smile after the rain

Sometimes we meet people. From causality or an invite. We start to know each others or we just share good times together.   So that time stops. We forget about our problems, our thoughts, our worries and we can just decide to listen to each others’ sounds, voices and laughs.   But friends are not family;…

The idea

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Summer 2015 was very inspiring for my academic path as it was the summer of my Dissertation of the master in Environmental and Assessment Management in Brighton University. I knew that it was not an easy journey, but I decided to follow myself and my ideas. I traveled to…

A colorful light

Sometimes we think the distance is not that easy. It depends on how we manage it.   Some people may forget about you, others instead are still connected to what you shared with them. Something unique and simple.   I had a good talk today with one of my past travel friend.   Sometimes we…

That ride to poppies field

Sometimes it is good to take a break. Maybe a ride. Get on your bike and cycle. Just go and discover a new corner you have never chose to go to work, or get in a road you have never wanted to ride. Sometimes, it is good to find new places; if you are on your…

Between river and hills

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Innsbruck (The river Inn bridge in english) capital city of Tyrol in western Austria. Earliest traces suggest initial inhabitation in the early Stone Age, still a living city. A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.