A broken love, like a frozen leaf.       Advertisements

Discover yourself

Discover Explore Experiment Because every day you could find a new side of yourself. Or just a new story to tell.

Creativity vs Fear

”Dreams and desires reveal the natural talents of each of us. Repressing them, in favour of a life of conformism and approved, it is a violence that kills our personal expressiveness and makes us sick of fear. Creativity is an economic and natural medicine. We need it to live. When we eliminate it from the…

Radici nel cielo

Sometimes it is hard it is hard to accept that things have changed somehow, the path you once started on your own, is now turned into a new road. Maybe unexpected, maybe forced.   We cannot predict what happens to us in life, but we can still choose. That time your mind told you one…


Find The beauty In everything you see.    

That dragon sky

The storm, The fresh air just passed, with its peaceful noise To make the city silent, To make you listen.   You watch up there And a big cloud is moving away, still dark, still heavy. But you know that a new day just began, A fresh start Another story to depart.  

Lost and found

Sometimes is good to go back. Return to an old path, reflect, stop, think. Maybe that road you left long time ago was not right for you at some point in the past; you wanted to explore, try new roads, choose other parts of yourself in order to taste your passions under new prospectives. But…

Time is right

Time is right. Windy smells are there to set back your mind. Time is right. Warm little fruits fall down, under the green leaves, as a crown.   Time is right. You have learnt enough from around That you can now take your flight.      

Over the mirror

  He was there. His eyes were still and empty. You could see through him, You could find your light through him. You wonder if he is still in there ‘Cause you went over, Over the mirror.         Era laggiu’ lui. I suoi occhi erano fermi e spenti. Potevi vedere oltre lui….

Simplicity is the key

My mind sometimes goes fast.   Simplicity made me wonder one day, when everything was like a stormy sea. Someone tried to stop the time for me, to make me see to make me think.   That colourful hand was right at that point, Something not easy to forget. But some events can change your…

Confidence and freedom

Confidence is important. Confidence is essential, for getting a job, leading a project, meeting new people, developing a relationship.   Sometimes we might stop and feel we have no more confidence in ourselves or in others. Our legs get weaker and our voice is not loud anymore. Maybe we need more time, a time to deal with…

We’ll meet again

Originally posted on Le Drake Noir:
Yesterday evening sun disappeared in fine style and the birds was singing so beautifully. “If you see the sunset, does it have to mean something..? If you hear the birds singing does it have to have a message..?” *Robert Wilson – american director*